Tequilas Platas

Casa Don Ramón’s Plata line is characterized by its colorless tone complemented by clear, fresh, and crisp aromas that narrate our love for tequila and its tradition.


Tequilas Reposados

The Reposado series gets its distinguished and powerful presence from a particular process: its careful aging process. Unlike the Plata line, this range rests for over 6 months in French and white oak barrels, imparting unique and enduring characteristics.


Tequilas Cristalinos

Casa Don Ramón’s Cristalino tequila seamlessly blends the delicate aging process in American and French oak barrels, including those that previously housed Oporto, with the harmonization and refinement of the double distillation technique.

Tequilas Añejo and Extra Añejo

True to its name, Casa Don Ramón’s Añejo and Extra Añejo line pays homage to the traditional aging process. Each product in this range, such as Tequila Añejo Edición Limitada, Tequila Extra Añejo Edición Limitada, and Tequila Extra Añejo 25 Aniversario, rests in American and French oak barrels for a period ranging from 12 to 36 months.

Flavored Tequilas

Full of life and color, Casa Don Ramón’s Flavored line is a celebration of life itself and the eternally joyful essence of our country. Through products like Tamarind Tequila, this range is carefully infused with the characteristic elements of each tequila to create a unique combination of flavor and tradition.


It is a Mexican beverage created from an artisanal recipe made with ingredients of natural origin.

Despite not containing alcohol, Sangrita Casa Don Ramón is ideal for enjoying cold, as an appetizer, or as an accompaniment with tequila or mezcal, creating delicious cocktails.

Derived from the essence of ancient Mexico, tequila is an elixir that caresses the soul and heart with every sip. For the above, it’s considered the country’s flagship drink, owing to its delicate and traditional production process and the diversity of typical elements, such as agave, that contribute to its flavor, aroma, and presence.

The agave plant and the tequila industrial facilities, located in the Magical Town of Tequila, Jalisco, have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to their rich natural and cultural significance.

At each step, tequila adds the soul and essence of our country to deliver a product that says, with every sip: this is Mexico, and this is how it’s enjoyed.

Tequila Casa Don Ramón, born in 1996, pays homage to this drink, its origin, and, primarily, to agave culture. Casa Don Ramón takes pride every day in the passion, pride, and respect infused into every detail of this noble and intricate process.

All our products originate from the highland blue agave tequilana Weber of Jalisco, the flagship region for tequila and its legacy. Over time, we’ve perfected traditional methods by incorporating cutting-edge technology to achieve exceptional quality in each of our products.

However, none of this would be possible without the unparalleled expertise of our tequila masters, who, with their art, create the exact and precise conditions to bring each Casa Don Ramón product to life. Additionally, we base our work methodology on sustainability principles to make the most of raw materials.

All of the above, coupled with over 25 years of experience, has set us on a well-defined and continuous path: tequila is our commitment, pride, and reason for being. Thanks to this, we’ve gained international recognition, earning numerous awards and accolades in major liquor competitions.

Casa Don Ramón reflects, in the vibrant aroma of its products, and whispers, in the infinite love for its work, the great pride of Mexico: tequila.