It is a Mexican beverage created from an artisanal recipe made with ingredients of natural origin.

Despite not containing alcohol, Sangrita Casa Don Ramón is ideal for enjoying cold, as an appetizer, or as an accompaniment with tequila or mezcal, creating delicious cocktails.

Its ingredients are perfect for use in your gastronomic recipes or as a complement to other foods such as seafood.

The profound respect we hold for agave culture is not only reflected in our variety of tequilas and mezcals. Casa Don Ramón also takes pride in rescuing some of the most iconic recipes from Mexican gastronomy, such as the famous and beloved Sangrita.

This colorful and typical Mexican elixir, like many iconic delights in our cuisine, was born as a delicious accident. Legend has it that Doña Guadalupe Sánchez decided to create a drink for her husband to accompany his tequila, using orange juice and dried árbol chili.

Though its success was not immediate, the rapid spread of the original recipe and people’s fondness for this new beverage earned Sangrita a place in Mexican gastronomy.

Today, after more than 100 years since its creation, Sangrita has returned to people’s favor thanks to the Casa Don Ramón recipe, which brings back the elements that made it unique and so famous: orange juice, chili, spices, among other ingredients. However, with the aim of bringing this elixir to new generations, we have decided to add new components without neglecting the essence of the drink born from the mind of Doña Guadalupe Sánchez.

Sangrita Casa Don Ramón is crafted through artisanal production and the addition of natural ingredients. These two processes, the foundation of its creation, give life to an extremely versatile beverage that, while becoming the perfect companion for various foods such as seafood, aguachiles, among others, is also ideal for enjoying in delicious cocktails.

Its reddish hue, the spicy aromas that permeate each sip, as well as its notes of tomato and orange, are the perfect proof that Sangrita Casa Don Ramón is the ideal beverage to proudly shout: Viva México!