Mezcal Joven

Casa Don Ramón’s Joven Mezcal line arises from this legendary house’s mission to capture the true flavor and legacy of Mexican land, creating one of the fastest-growing and evolving products worldwide. Unlike other spirits, mezcal is added daily to the tastes of numerous palates seeking challenging flavors that narrate their history and origin in every sip.

Comprising its two main products, Salmiana Mezcal and Espadín Mezcal, the Joven range is characterized by its sublime artisanal craftsmanship, adding all the respect for agave culture in every presentation.

Considered the pulsating heart of Mexican tradition and identity, mezcal adds the most beautiful elements of this country into a powerful and mystical elixir that caresses the soul to its deepest roots.

Its origin leads us down a path where feet touch the earth, thanks to the vast fields where it was crafted: Oaxaca and Guerrero. In these places, inhabitants used to craft this spirited beverage in an artisanal manner, reserved only for the most important individuals like priests, warriors, and nobles.

However, it wasn’t until the Colonial era that mezcal production, extracted from the distillation of the maguey heart, incorporated new processes and resources that gradually refined over the years. Today, after incalculable years of tradition, mezcal stoically remains in the flavor and aroma of a country that embraces its past to face the future.

For this reason, mezcal holds the title of Denomination of Origin, an designation granted to a product linked to the geographical area from which it originates, as long as its quality, characteristics, or reputation are exclusively due to the geographical origin of its raw materials and manufacturing methods.

Today, the Denomination of Origin Mezcal (DOM) includes the states of Oaxaca, Guerrero, San Luis Potosí, Zacatecas, and Durango, as well as 2 municipalities in Guanajuato, 11 in Tamaulipas, 29 in Michoacán, and 116 in Puebla. Mezcal, like no other Mexican beverage, permeates throughout the Mexican territory, demonstrating its deep-rooted nature and tradition.

At Casa Don Ramón, we blend the spirit of the land where mezcal is born with our profound respect for agave culture to create a series of products that radiate a flavor and aroma full of mystery.

With every sip of Casa Don Ramón Mezcal, an extrasensory experience traverses the body of every adventurous palate intending to immerse itself in a soft, smoky, and mystical environment.

Our meticulous manufacturing processes, agave selection methods, the expertise of our master mezcaleros, and the cutting-edge technology we incorporate into each product – without compromising the artisanal foundation we work upon – result in a beverage of great potency, character, and legacy. Casa Don Ramón Mezcal is a tribute to the land, history, and present of this country.